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Other tools

There are a number of Firefly III tools and libraries you can check out and use.

Product manager

The Firefly III product manager is a tool that you can use to manage costs over time, for example for your car or for your appliances.

Auto-save tool

The Firefly III auto-save tool is a tool that you can use to automatically create new "top up"-transactions that round your expenses up to the nearest Euro.


API support classes

A small package with code to use the Firefly III API. Is used in the data import tools.

Recovery code thing

A small change to a recovery code package so it's compatible with PHP 8.0.

2FA laravel code things

Some changes to a 2FA package so it can handle 2FA authentication over sessions.

API docs

The Firefly III API docs and the underlying generator.

Last update: 2021-11-27