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Configure install

There are a few pieces of configuration required for the Firefly III import tools:

  • A Personal Access Token stored in FIREFLY_III_ACCESS_TOKEN
  • The URL / IP address of your Firefly III instance, stored in FIREFLY_III_URL.

It depends on the service you're using which other info you need:

  • Spectre: Your Spectre / Salt Edge App Secret (select "Service" as the type) (SPECTRE_SECRET) and your Spectre / Salt Edge App ID (SPECTRE_APP_ID).
  • YNAB: Your YNAB API token (YNAB_API_CODE).
  • bunq: Your bunq API token (BUNQ_API_CODE) and the bunq API URL (BUNQ_API_URL).

Configuration location

The Firefly III URL and the Personal Access Token are stored in two environment variables, FIREFLY_III_URL and FIREFLY_III_ACCESS_TOKEN respectively. You can use the .env file to store them, use Docker's -e flag to set them or use your operating system to set these values. Check out the installation page for more information.


In the past, the importers used URI instead of URL.

Personal Access Token

You can generate your own Personal Access Token on the Profile page. Login to your Firefly III instance, go to "Options" > "Profile" and find the "Personal Access Tokens" at the bottom of the page. Create a new Personal Access Token by clicking on "Create New Token". Give it a recognizable name and press "Create".

The Personal Access Token is pretty long. Use a tool like Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code to copy-and-paste it.


You need to know the IP address or website address of your own Firefly III instances. In many cases this is simply http://localhost, but if you're a fancy user it might be something like or something similar.

YNAB data

To obtain a Personal Access Token, sign in to your account, go to "Account Settings", scroll down and navigate to "Developer Settings" section.

Localhost and Docker? Be careful!

If you host Firefly III on http://localhost and you're using Docker, beware. The YNAB importer may not be able to contact Firefly III. From the perspective of the YNAB importer, "localhost" is referring to the YNAB importer itself, not to Firefly III.

Make sure you use the internal IP address of your Firefly III Docker container. You can get this IP address by using the following command:

docker inspect -f '{{range .NetworkSettings.Networks}}{{.IPAddress}}{{end}}' CONTAINER

Instead of CONTAINER, use the container ID of your Firefly III installation.

Last update: 2021-04-13