Firefly III has several tools built-in to import data. This is changing however. Maintaining the code base necessary to import data into Firefly III is a process that is time-consuming, error prone, and interferes with the release cycle of Firefly III itself.

To combat this, several tools have been released that can be used to import data. These are released separately from Firefly III and must also be separately installed. They are however very user friendly and easy to use. Easier in fact, than their counterparts when they were stilll part of Firefly III.

The current state of the Firefly III import eco-system is as follows:

Released as separate tools

The following import tools can be downloaded separately to import data into Firefly III.

Part of Firefly III

Still a part of Firefly III are the following import tools:

This list will become shorter over time. At some point all of the tools in the list above will be released as separate tools.

Released by other users

Although I can't give you support on them, a special mention must be made for the following tools, graciously made by other Firefly III users to import data from other sources into Firefly III: