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Contribute to Firefly III

First of all: thank you for contributing to Firefly III! It is always nice to get some help!


If you find a bug, please take the time and see if the demo site is also suffering from this bug; include as many log files and details as you think necessary. Bugs have a lot of priority! You can send the bug info to me by email or by opening a ticket on GitHub.

When you want to fix a bug yourself, feel free to open a pull request. A lot of static code bugs are detected by Sonarcloud. Check it out for inspiration!

Feature requests

You can send any request to me by email or open a ticket on GitHub. I will take them all under consideration.

Opening a pull request with some changes is always a possibility as well. Keep in mind that I may not be able to implement all requests I get.


There is a project for the translation of Firefly III. It's are hosted by CrowdIn, where you must register an account to help out.

If you see a spelling error, grammatical error or a weird translation in your language, please join the project. There, you can submit your translations and fixes. They are synced to GitHub every so often and included in each new release.

Is your language not listed? You can send your language to me by email or open a ticket on GitHub.

Last update: 2023-01-29