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Contributing to Firefly III

Thank you for taking the time to contribute something to the Firefly III eco-system.

This contributing guideline applies to all tools and documentation that can be found under

Developer certificate of origin

Please read the developer certificate of origin and make sure you agree and comply with it.

Contributing code

I am always interested in expanding Firefly III's many features. I always want to fix the many bugs there are.

Open a ticket in the main Firefly III repository or drop me a line in case you find anything you want to see fixed.

If you see a bug, and your response is to open a PR, please describe the bug and its fix very carefully. When your fix requires a lot of changes, please let me know beforehand.

I cannot accept new features out of the blue. Please first discuss the change you wish to make via issue, email, or any other method.

Contribution rules

  • I can only accept pull requests against the develop branch, never the main branch. If a repository does not have a develop branch, this rule does not apply,
  • Your code will be licensed under the current Firefly III license.

Contributing text and documentation

If you see a spelling error, grammatical error or a weird translation in your language, please join our CrowdIn project. There, you can submit your translations and fixes. The GitHub repository will download these automatically and they will be included in the next release.

Know that I am always open for rewrites and more clarity in the documentation, but I will not accept changes that people can Google themselves already. For example, do not submit text that explains how to set up Docker. Or how to install PHP.

Any documentation you write or fix must be spell checked. Make sure that if you correct my spelling or grammar, you don't make mistakes of your own.

Contribution rules

  • Read Google's guidelines for inclusive documentation.
  • It's "Firefly III". Nothing else will be accepted.
  • Do not use terminology like "just", "simple", "easy", or "all you have to do".
  • Be informal and encouraging.
  • Never be angry in your tone of voice when writing.

Last update: 2023-01-29