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In the repository on GitHub you will find three YAML files that denote a pretty standard service offering for both Firefly III and an accompanying MySQL database.

Download and configuration

Download all three files from GitHub (if necessary). Open kustomization.yaml and make sure to change both the db_password and the app_key. It's important to know that the app_key must be 32 characters in length exactly.


If you have no special configuration things to keep in mind it's enough to launch with a simple:

cd kubernetes # see
kubectl apply -k ./

The output should be something like this:

secret/firefly-iii-secrets-g4c4tkm4tt created
service/firefly-iii-mysql created
service/firefly-iii created
deployment.apps/firefly-iii-mysql created
deployment.apps/firefly-iii created
persistentvolumeclaim/firefly-iii-export-claim created
persistentvolumeclaim/firefly-iii-upload-claim created
persistentvolumeclaim/mysql-pv-claim created


It doesn't get more advanced than this. You can change any aspect of the Service, the number of pods or anything else as you see fit.

Last update: 2023-01-29