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An FAQ about importing data into Firefly III

I want to auto-import transactions from [my bank] out of the box!

Firefly III has many tools to import transactions. You must install these tools separately.

Most tools come with the necessary hooks to automate the import yourself. This also depends on your bank's support for these kinds of things.

Unfortunately I don't have the resources to work with the 2000+ different bank API's, export schemes, PDF files, CSV formats or OFX files that are out there. YSK there are too many banks are out there and none of them use the same platform, protocol or data format. So if you ever wonder why it's not automated: this is why ;)

Why is Spectre a trial?

The Spectre API is a paid product by Salt Edge. It's used by many financial tools, fintechs and others in the financial space. They are kind enough to offer trials to users of Firefly III, but these are limited in time and scope. Salt Edge is a business-to-business organisation, which is reflected in their pricing: the cost of their API starts at about 500$ per month.

Last update: 2021-09-22