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Importing data

People often have the same type of questions. Please find them below. If you open an issue that refers to one of these questions, your issue may be closed.

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I'm getting prompted by Salt Edge to request test access. Am I doing it wrong?

Salt Edge doesn't just let you import data. Once you have created an account and set up Firefly III to import data from their systems you can only import test data at first. You'll have to contact them to get your account upgraded.

This is a bit annoying, having to jump through hoops to get permission to use Salt Edge, but it's the best I can do. Since Firefly III is open source software I cannot share my secret keys. They would be out on the street. So, each user has to get their own permission from Salt Edge.

I get an error about openssl_pkey_export?

It means your machine has no proper configuration file for OpenSSL, or it cannot be found. Please check out this GitHub issue for tips and tricks.

Can Firefly III sync with my bank?

Firefly III has a separate general purpose import tool that can import CSV files. There is also a Firefly III API that you can connect to [YOUR BANK HERE], if you are clever enough to build something in your favorite programming language.

Firefly III won't be able to sync with [YOUR BANK HERE] out of the box. There are several ways of importing data, but Firefly III isn't connected to [YOUR BANK HERE] and probably never will. Most countries have between 10 and 30 consumer banks and it's very difficult to maintain just a few custom scripts. I do have the wish to support many banks, but I must do so through other services.

Unfortunately, I don't have the time or the resources to build a custom import routine for [YOUR BANK HERE]. If this is something you're specifically looking for, please use Mint or YNAB, or build it yourself.

Keep in mind that most banks don't offer secure ways to download transactions. Providers like and YNAB often require your username and password to download transactions.

To see which other importers are available for Firefly III, check out this extensive list.

Last update: 2021-10-16