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Setting up the right "locale" is about:

  • How an amount is formatted ($ 12.34 versus 12,45$)
  • How dates are formatted (17 сентябрь or September 17?)

The locale you want to use is identified by a little piece of text, like this: en, English, en_US.utf8.

In order to make the demo site work (it’s an Ubuntu server) I run these commands:

sudo apt-get install -y language-pack-nl-base
sudo locale-gen

You can see which locales your system has by running

locale -a

Depending on your language, a specific list of locales is tried by Firefly III. They can be found on GitHub. Open the directory of your language, then open config.php and look for the line locale.

Locale settings on Windows and Linux

Windows usually recognizes locale strings like these: English or english. Linux mostly looks for strings like these: en_US or nl_NL. Sometimes you see stuff like this: en_US.utf8 which means that it's not just English (US), but also UTF8 (a special encoding).

So changing your locale in Firefly III on Windows may not work as you had expected. This is on my list for future improvements.

Keep in mind some Linux installations only have nl_NL.iso-8859-1 while Firefly III will always look for nl_NL.utf8.

Missing translations or format instructions

You'll notice the formatting of the date is American, ie septembre 17, 2020 even though you've set your locale and language to something else.

This is caused by missing translations. Let me know where you run into this issue.


When set to English (US) browsers will always format the date input fields as 09/17/2020. Use a localized browser to fix this.

Missing packages or configuration

If your server is missing the required packages, Firefly III won't be able to show the locale. You will see missing dots in numbers and other weird stuff.

Select the correct locale

Select "Hungarian (Hungarian)" and not "Hungarian". The list of locales is pretty specific so "hu" may not work on your system but "hu_HU" does.

Last update: 2023-05-27