Other questions

People often have the same type of questions. Please find them below. If you open an issue that refers to one of these questions, your issue may be closed.

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How do I enable debug mode?

In debug mode you can see exactly what the error is. This can prove useful when trying to find the source of a bug.

When you host Firefly III yourself, open your .env file and find these lines:

  • Line that starts with APP_DEBUG. Change it to APP_DEBUG=true

  • Line that starts with APP_LOG_LEVEL. Change it to APP_LOG_LEVEL=debug

Go to the map /firefly-iii/storage/logs. Delete all files except .gitignore.

This will enable debug logging and debug mode.

When you're using Docker, restart your container with the following parameters:

-e APP_DEBUG=true -e APP_LOG_LEVEL=debug

I can't seem to get https working with Caddy

Make sure you set TRUSTED_PROXIES to **. See also this issue on GitHub.

Auto complete is case sensitive?

This happens when the underlying database is Postgres, which is case sensitive by default. You may run into this when searching for FLO doesn't yield flower.

There's not much i can do about this. When the auto-complete searches in your database for entries, it may do so in a case-sensitive manner.

The good news is that once the search is over, the result is cached by your browser. These cached entries will be searched for in a case-insensitive manner.

I keep getting redirected to the index after editing something

If you're running Firefly III in a reverse proxy environment, please check if you have the following configuration:

Referrer-Policy: strict-origin

If this is the case, please change it to:

Referrer-Policy: same-origin

That should solve it.

I'm running Internet Explorer or Edge and nothing works?

Some (older) browsers may not work with Firefly III. I have no plans to add support.

  • Internet Explorer 9 or lower on Windows 7: will not work.

  • Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7: works, but modern TLS configurations may break your site (just try the demo site).

  • Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7: works.

  • Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1: not tested, but should work.

  • Microsoft Edge on Windows 10: will not work due to Content Security Policy header limitations.

Firefly III features very strict Content Security Policy headers that prevent XSS attacks. However, these headers are pretty new and fancy and Edge and Internet Explorer aren't. So you might run into issues using those browsers.

In order to make these browsers work, you may change the following environment variable. Edit your .env file, or launch your Docker instance with another -e added:


You do this entirely at your own risk, of course.

I lost my 2FA token generator, or 2FA has stopped working.

If 2FA has stopped working, but it worked before, there probably is a time difference between your 2FA client (your phone) and the server that hosts Firefly III. Fix it. Then try again.

If you still wish to disable 2FA because it doesn't work, you need to edit the database. Go to the users table in your favorite SQL editor, find yourself in the table content and set the value of the mfa_secret column to NULL for your user account.

You can also run this query:

update users set mfa_token = NULL where email = "your@email.com"

That should allow you to login again without having to submit a 2FA token.

I have a question that is not in the FAQ?

Please send your question to me by email or open a ticket on GitHub.