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Other data import tools

There are various scripts and tools you can use, if the Firefly III Data Importer does not fit your use case.


These are all developed by other users, feel free to contact them if you have support questions.

Transaction classification

TransCat can pre-process your CSV file and automatically assign your transactions to a category based on previous assignments.

Import tools


"Splitwise Firefly Sync" syncs the expenses from Splitwise to Firefly III using their respective APIs.


"Firefly III FinTS importer" allows you to import using FinTS, a bank-independent protocol for online banking, developed and used by German banks.

CAMT (ISO 20022)

This script allows you to unzip zip files with camt.053 in them and convert them into CSV for easy processing.


This experimental Python script can convert GnuExports to Firefly III compatible JSON.


Plaid is a data aggregation service just like Spectre's Salt Edge API mentioned earlier.


The free Plaid program is meant for testing and your milage may vary.

Bank-specific tools

Up Bank Australia

These applications allows you to import data from Australian Bank "Up":

Credit Agricole

This Python app allows you to import transactions from Crédit Agricole

Crypto exchanges

This service by @financelurker lets you import activities from your crypto exchange accounts (like "Binance/") to your FireFly III account.


"Firefly III PayPal importer" by @robvankeilegom to pull data from the PayPal API and push it to your Firefly III instance.


If you're banking with Revolut, you can use the Revolut importer, which is built by GitLab user @ludo444.


Want your app on this list? Open an issue on GitHub!

Last update: 2023-05-27