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This page gives you instructions on how to upgrade your Data Importer installation.

Upgrading a Docker container

To upgrade, stop (if necessary) and remove your container using these commands:

docker stop [container-id]
docker rm [container-id]

To find out which container is the Firefly III Data Importer, run docker container ls -a and look for fireflyiii/data-importer.

Then pull the new image using this command:

docker pull fireflyiii/data-importer:latest

Create it again by running the command from the installation guide.

Upgrading a self-hosted instance

The best way to upgrade is to "reinstall" the data importer using the following command:

cd /var/www && \
    composer create-project firefly-iii/data-importer \
    --no-dev --prefer-dist updated-data-importer 1.2.2

This installs the tool in a new directory called updated-data-importer. Move over your .env file by copy-pasting it. For example:

cp /var/www/data-importer/.env /var/www/updated-data-importer/.env
mv /var/www/data-importer /var/www/old-data-importer
mv /var/www/updated-data-importer /var/www/data-importer

If necessary, use sudo to execute these commands, then correct the access rights with chown.

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data data-importer
sudo chmod -R 775 data-importer/storage

Last update: 2023-03-26