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How to use the data importer?

Once the data importer is installed, and you have configured the necessary variables, and you haven't run into any issues, you can finally start importing data.

Import steps

The data importer introduces a flow that you must go through that results in a data import.

  • Select a data source
    Learn how to import CSV files, or how to import from Spectre or Nordigen
  • Configure the import
    Learn how to configure the import process, so it runs smoothly
  • Fine-tune CSV imports
    Imported dats is never perfect, and options are available to tune the import even further.
  • Start the import
    Learn what happens when the import runs, and what to do when it breaks
  • Clean-up data
    Some transactions are messy or weird. Learn more about data clean-up

Advanced import steps.

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Ease of use

Would you like to know more?

Last update: 2023-03-26