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Map data


The Firefly III CSV importer is due to be replaced by the universal Data Importer. Please migrate at your earliest convenience.

If you import data into Firefly III, you may notice that most banks aren't particularly "clean" when it comes to account names. Check out this example:

Weird opposing account names.

In this example, taken from a Dutch Rabobank CSV file, you'll see various weird things:

  • One restaurant with two different names.
  • Several shops with their location in the name.
  • Date information in the name.

To fix this, Firefly III supports a process called "mapping" where you can link values like these to one unified shop entry. This example will make it pretty clear. It is taken directly from the Firefly III CSV importer:

Mapping names to one account.

You can map account names, currency names, categories and many other fields to values already present in your Firefly III database. This will greatly smooth out the import process.

Last update: 2022-01-04