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Public installation


The Firefly III CSV importer is due to be replaced by the universal Data Importer. Please migrate at your earliest convenience.

There is a public instance of the CSV importer running on You can use this instance to import data into your own installation. But keep in mind it comes with a "price".

  • Your own Firefly III installation must be reachable over the internet. This is a security and privacy risk.
  • Make sure you create a public client (uncheck the "confidential"-flag) that uses the following callback URL:
  • Any private data you upload will be stored for up to 24hrs.

I appreciate the complexity of running the CSV importer for yourself so this instance can help you import data into your own installation.


There no guarantee that the server won't be hacked. You also have no guarantee that I won't snoop through your files. A bug may make your files public to other users. You have zero guarantees and no warranty.

Last update: 2022-01-04