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Duplicate transactions

Sometimes the Firefly III CSV importer will create duplicate transactions, despite being told not to. This is pretty annoying so please open a ticket when this happens and let me know why Firefly III didn't detect a duplicate. I can use this information to fine-tune the duplication process.

Use the debug view to see why a transaction is imported, despite being a duplicate of another transaction.

Open both transactions in different tabs of your browser. Notice how the URL is something like this:

Change the work "show" in the URL to "debug":

If you do this for both transactions you will end up with a specific JSON variant of the transaction.

Send it to me or compare it yourself to see the differences between two seemingly equal transactions.

  • The created_at and updated_at fields are not used in the comparison by Firefly III.
  • The import_hash_v2 and original_source are not used in the comparison by Firefly III.

Other issues?

Please open a ticket on GitHub.

Last update: 2021-01-08