A note on donations


Over the years a humbling amount of people have donated money to me, to aid with the development of Firefly III. I’ve experimented with several ways of doing so and I seem to hover back to Paypal every time.

Because I feel that you should know this, I want to stress that I don’t need your donations. It’s not because I am super rich or because I make a billion dollars as a Google engineer, but I have a well paying job that I love very much. I’m not telling you this to brag or something, but your donation will buy me an extra beer in the pub or pay for some EC2 instances. It won’t pay for my livelyhood.

I want to make clear to you how I use your donations because there are open source software developers who do make a living from their donations. People who really need the support to keep doing what they do.

Firefly III is a part-time “job” that I can manage easily between my personal life and my job. The money isn’t a factor: it won’t buy me more time or resources.

In short: I will gladly drink another round on you of you feel I deserve it. I am humbled and honoured by every single penny people send to me.

But if you have to choose between me and some other OSS developer (group), please don’t pick me first.

Hit me up by email or open a ticket on GitHub if you have questions or comments.